Hygiene at Kratom World
At Kratom World, we care for clean products and good quality. Our products are lab tested, so we covered that part, but what about our packaging process? Kratom World has implemented several steps to ensure hygienic products.

What we do for you
The workers who process and seal your order will be wearing gloves. Your products will always be packed with fresh gloves to ensure they are clean. With the ongoing situation, it’s crucial. We guarantee our products are pure, so we took a couple of extra measurements. First, the worker will be wearing gloves, as stated earlier, and an N95 mouth mask. This medical-grade mask filters out 95% of bacteria and viruses. The worker will also wear a hair net, so there is no chance a random hair will be found in your fresh bag of delicious botanicals.

Our work process
The worker will always wash his hands before starting packaging orders as standard work procedure after every sealed bag. The bowl used to weigh them will be cleaned of any leftovers. Ensure that every product contains 100% of what you ordered. Only after completing your order fully will the worker remove the personal protection gear to ensure a safe and clean environment for our products.

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