Discrete orders

Order kratom discretely

Although kratom is perfectly legal in most countries of the world, in some circumstances, there can be quite a taboo around kratom use. That’s why we – besides beautifully coloured packaging – also provide a discrete delivery option which can be selected during checkout. This way, we ensure you will always receive your package with complete discretion and anonymity.

What does this mean?

When you select the ‘discrete shipping’ option at checkout, your package won’t contain any kratom-related information. All our packages are sent from our company name, ‘WM Goodies’, whether ydiscrete-packagingou choose discrete shipping or not. What differentiates discrete shipping from regular shipping is the packaging. Usually, our bags are brightly coloured, beautifully designed pouches.

With discrete shipping, however, you will receive plain ‘cardboard-like pouches without the name of the full kratom strain. Instead, the label will say, ‘Matcha Tea‘ in the lower left corner of the label, a product code. This product code is an abbreviation of the kratom strain you’ve ordered. For example: ‘WBE’ will stand for White Bentuangie. This way, you can distinguish your packages if you’ve ordered multiple strains. If the code is followed by a ‘-C’, then it means it’s capsulated.


Abbreviations explained

Full name Abbreviation
Green Bentuangie GBE
Super Green SG
Green Malay GM
Green Sumatra GS
Red Bentuangie RBE
Red Maeng Da RMD
Red Borneo RB
Red Sumatra RS
White Bentuangie WBE
White Sumatra WS
White Sulawesi WSW
White Maeng Da WMD
Royal Green RG
Royal Red RR
Royal White RW
Gold Maeng Da GOMD
Gold Maluku GOML


Still, left with questions about our discrete service?

Contact our customer service! They will go out of their way to ensure you’ll have a fantastic experience. You can easily find our contact information by clicking here.

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